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Taken by Storm by Tamara Mataya 

Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: December 2nd 2014 
Genres: Erotica, Romance

Leilani’s plan was simple: Return for her father’s wedding, housesit for the happy couple while they went on their honeymoon, then get the hell outta dodge. She’d thought the worst thing would be returning to the town she grew up in (and despised). She was wrong.

A flashflood hits the small town, stranding Firefighter, Ryan, and a few strangers at the local bar. Worst of all, Leilani, his old high school rival – and last night’s scorching one-night-stand – is one of the people stuck in the bar. With waters rising, they need to stick together and wait for rescue.
The power grid’s knocked out, and cell phones aren’t working. When the others panic and leave, Leilani and Ryan are left alone in the dark. Fortunately, words aren’t necessary to keep the former rivals warm. But when they’re forced to leave their refuge, they must cooperate to navigate the flood ravaged town and reach safety.
Rising waters bring them closer together. Rising tempers might tear them apart.

It was her, but she was so different, so warm and open, and her unabashed interest was irresistible. Ryan noticed the way she’d copped a cheap feel when she ran into him in the hallway, but it was endearing and she was even more gorgeous now that there was heat in her eyes. And she was just in town for the wedding—he wouldn’t have to worry about her getting attached. He’d just decided to ask her for a drink when she told him to go to her room. She was his friend’s sister. He should say no.
He didn’t.
Her hand was small in his, but she pulled him with a speed and strength that made him feel wanted, and needed. It turned him on and completely obliterated his fatigue. All the times she’d screamed his name on the field came rushing back, every glance he’d caught her giving him across the cafeteria table before the interest left her eyes and she’d looked away. The times when her sharp tongue and flashing gaze had torn his arguments to shreds in a debate. He’d wanted to scream at her … and kiss her.
Maybe it was just high school hormones, but the thought of finally getting her alone and stilling her smart mouth with his was driving him wild. He made it until they were behind closed doors before he gave in to his body’s demands and kissed her. Her tongue stroked his. She was tiny but fierce, and he had the impression she’d have climbed him like a tree if he took too long to kiss her. Her lips curled into a smile and she pulled back. Her eyes were a rich, warm brown that melted his insides.
“No offense, but this—” she gestured from his chest to hers and back again, “is not going to go anywhere.”
“That’s perfect.”
“I don’t normally do this. But I’ve had the day from hell and need it to get better right now. Are you in? I want someone who can make me forget where I am. Make me forget my name. Do you want to do that with me? Can you do that?” Her mouth resumed its delicious nibbling and sucking, making it impossible for him to think.
Ryan had one major thing he wanted to forget about, even just for the night. He’d been trying to forget about her for months. Five foot seven, one hundred forty pounds, blue eyes, cheating heart … Leila’s coconut scented hair, and the way she pressed closer made his mouth water and his balls ache. Make them both forget? Yeah. He’d become good at that.
He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tightly against him, reveling in the feel of her warm, pliant body smashed against his. He’d never felt hair so glossy, and it slipped through his fingers as if refusing to be captured. She moaned deep in her throat when he fisted a handful and claimed her lips again. When her hands slid down his back and grabbed his ass, his hips jerked forward, pressing his erection into her. Leila’s tongue went wild inside his mouth, spiraling and wrestling with his at a frenzied pace.

Her flesh was hot beneath the thin red and white summer dress, and he skimmed it up her thighs, and whisked it over her head. He traced the delicate curve of her waist and brushed his thumb just beneath the bottom of her strapless bra. She shivered beneath his hands, made quick work of his pants, and began undoing the buttons of his shirt with a gleam in her eyes.


Tamara Mataya is currently a librarian; she lurked there for so long recommending books to patrons and shushing people, that she suspects they only hired her so it would be less creepy. Now she's armed with a name tag, and a thin veneer of credibility. She's also a musician with synaesthesia - which isn't an issue until someone plays a wrong note, which makes her want to squirm inside out. It makes for a good live show.

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