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Mini Review: Alive Souls: Inception by Elena Yulkina

Somewhere beyond the ends of the world is a hell. But there is no devil, demons, or boiling pots there. In this world they reeducate sinners, maintaining the fragile balance of justice. In this world no one does evil for they know it will backfire. However, this balance collapses in one day when a wall of black smoke covering the ground rises, taking away everything people have. Those who make it through the border of darkness lose their memory. Sages have interpreted a prophecy saying that darkness has come for a yet unborn princess, and the princess is the only one who can defeat the threat. The king decides to save his daughter by sending her off to another world until she comes of age. As the princess comes back, the king realizes the price of his mistake and finds out what has more power, the heritage of the ancestors or growing up outside of family.

I received this book for an honest review.

Hmm, what to say about this book? For starters I’ll give it 3 stars review. Let me tell you why.

The story was interesting, the main idea was great, but in the end I see a lot bigger story then only these 66 pages. Yeah, that would be a lot of work but it would give so much space for story and development than now, it would flow easier and better.  Because it was rushed I sometimes felt lost in this book.  

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