Book Spotlight: WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG by Trevor John Heath

Growing up surrounded by friends and family is not an experience unique to Baby-boomers, and the rites of passage, adventure and travel experienced by Trevor Heath prove that no matter what era you were born in, the prerogative of the those teenage years is to learn to live life to the full.

This autobiography begins in a small market town in the 70s, a place undergoing massive change where social upheaval put strain on the relationships of friends and family alike. Yearning for the opportunity to live life to the full, Trevor signs up to the Air Training Corps with a group of friends, expecting adventure and travel.

But growing up in a time of power cuts, oil crises, and civil unrest can be hard, and Trevor's teenage years are reflected in the lives of those around him.

An autobiography focussing on the rites of passage faced by every teenager, 'When You're Young' is the kind of book those of any age will enjoy.



Trevor John Heath is a writer and musician who has worked in the Engineering industry since leaving school. He has lived in Basingstoke all his life but travelled extensively for work and for leisure. His experiences in the Air Training Corps as a youth have inspired the first volume of his autobiography, titled 'When You’re Young'. This is his first book, which took 9 months to write, and completed at the age of 52. Trevor began writing poetry and songs aged 17, and he concentrated on song writing, putting his first band together in 1983. Now a PRS registered songwriter, Trevor has had his music played on local and national radio such as BBC 6 music (Tom Robinson), LBC, BBC Radio Oxford, as well as Basingstoke and Alton based Radio stations. He has had solo music tracks released on compilations in the US, UK and Germany, and with his band, 'The Ejector Seats', released an album on iTunes that garnered international internet play as well as critical esteem.

The book, ‘When You’re Young’ was initially inspired by Trevor’s eldest daughter reaching the age of 16. He compared the present day lifestyle of a 16 year old to the hardships and freedom he had at that age; the lack of pre-packaged entertainment, the internet, home computers and mobile phones; and the vacuum left that today is replaced by the modern senselessness of consumerism fuelled the desire for adventure, for travel and for experiences you can only find by actively getting involved in the world around you. The rites of passage that every teenager has to face and the specific experiences within a military organisation are the themes that drive this story. Written with a light hearted tone that contrasts his contemporary thoughts with the reflective knowledge of different times, those who have lived through the era will recognise the language, icons and references but all will wince at the naivety of youth and will certainly see similarities with their own early years.

As his first book covers the first 17 years of Trevor's life, there are more volumes presently in the planning stage. The second volume will cover his time working for the airline, Dan Air, whilst pursuing his artistic and musical dreams. Laced with his now trademark honesty and humour, this volume is intended for release late in 2016.

Trevor plays the guitar and piano, loves cycling and walking and has two daughters.