Guest Post: The Dragon Society by Olufunmi Omopariola-Olayinka @PublishingPush

As a porter in a London hospital, Dr Steven Attah wonders whether moving his young family from Nigeria to the UK was a good decision. When his friends introduce him to the mysterious and powerful Dragon Society, the answer seems to be yes as success and wealth flows to his family.

But, when disaster strikes, he discovers the true cost of membership of the society. When the full extent of the powerful and terrifying influence that the Dragon Society has over Steven and other members of his community emerges, the society comes under threat from internal and external forces.

But, as the society fights to defend its reputation, will Steven be able to free himself from its clutches and get the chance to rebuild his life, or will he discover that once you've joined the Dragon Society you can never completely leave it?

"This book is an eye opener and an example in the recognition of how demonic activities can be introduced in people's lives, when we ignore the practical wisdom and teachings of the Bible." - B. Babatunde


Dear Reader,
Have you ever been broke? Well if you are a mere mortal like me then the answer would be ‘of course yes.’
Have you ever had a wishful longing for a fat bank account? Once again we mortals are prone to a bit of fantasizing every now and again.

Have you ever considered doing anything about your ‘broke status’ other than plain old fashion hard work?
Before answering the last question why not take a break? I recommend sitting back into a comfortable chair with a copy of ‘The Dragon Society’ and be entertained by the story of Dr Steven Attah, a Nigerian trained medical Doctor who relocated to the UK with his family and soon came into financial hardship.
Dr Steven Attah was lured by his rich friends into joining a powerful social club ‘The Dragon Society’ which guarantees it’s members lifelong wealth and success. But there is a clause, membership is for life!
But is easy lifelong wealth a realistic expectation?
What is the truth behind the so called ‘Dragon Society’ social club?
What is the true cost of the guaranteed lifelong wealth?
When the Attah family realised the truth behind the ‘Dragon Society’ they tried to severe all link with the society before the impending supernatural doom. How did things turn out in the end?
The insightful answers to these questions and much more are buried in the pages of ‘The Dragon Society’. Enjoy!
Don’t forget to get yourself back to work after the break! That is the only ‘miracle’ that pays the bills. No work, No pay!

Dr Olufunmi Olayinka