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Review: The C Word by Kerry Heavens @kerryheavens


“You must keep it inside.
You must never let it out.
It must never gain control.
Let it be who you are and you will lose everything.
Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Sir.”
It’s a way of life for Max McQueen.
It doesn't come easy, but he thought he had it mastered.
Until now
Now nothing works
It’s slipping away
He must find a way to get it back
Or he risks losing everything.
It’s just a word.
But it’s the thing he needs most of all.
It’s what holds him together.
Or is it what holds him back?

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I am one of happy people on this planet to have privilege to know about this brilliant author. She's just amazing. For my name day I got her book Spencer signed with dedication and it melted my heart, and just few days after that I won this book. You all know that I loved her first two books, Just Human and Still Human as much I loved Spencer so I couldn't wait to have this one in my hands. Did I like it? Just keep reading :P

Yes, I did. I enjoyed every second of it. I must admit, I was little scared. Cover of the book led me to think it will be something about BDSM, but its not, and I'm so grateful. It's so much more than that.

I never had a chance to read M/M story that evolved sex scenes and I must admit it, I was scared. I've read plenty F/F but this.... this was something completely new to me. And I must admit, I even liked it. The heck with it, I enjoyed it. Kerry turns everything she touches into gold ;) <3

The only thing that bothered me is that the book was to short and I need MORE of Maxi and his story, I just want to know what will happen next. 

Would I recommend it? The hell yeah :D 

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Kerry Heavens
About the Author

Terrible wife
Mediocre mother
Appalling housewife
Fashion graduate
Wedding co-ordinator
Sex toy salesperson
Shop manager
Font collector
Romance addict
Fancier of nice men
Ok, fancier of almost all men
Awesome cupcake baker
Incessant singer
Film buff

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