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Review: Violets & Violence by Morgan Parker @mparkerbooks @PublishingPush

Violet has magical talent. She can levitate, walk through glass, and be in two places at one time. What happens when Violet discovers true magic in the arms of a new man? 

Luke Kemble enjoys the luxury of having Violet, all of her magic and all of her beauty, all to himself. What happens to Luke's illusion of reality when he and the love of his life are threatened by another man, a dangerous one that holds grudges and anger?

Carter Borden never fully recovered from the heartbreak of his ex-wife leaving him. What happens to a damaged man who begins to believe in magic once again?

Follow two men -- Luke and Carter -- as they learn the one truth about Violet's magic (that it's an only an illusion) and the one truth about her love (that it's not).

“Magic happens in life’s seams, the tiny space, like this, that exists between the moments that count.”
I want to be quick with this one cause today I'm lazy (I'm sorry) and too tired.
First I fell in love wit the cover - great job. Then I fell in love with synopsis.
You need to read this book. It will draw you in from the first page and put magic on you and you won't stop until you finish it. Believe me I know, I even read it on my work even tho I am not allowed.
So basically I don't know what you're doing, GO BUY THE BOOK! :P 

About the author

Morgan Parker is the pen name for a shy and introverted former banker. Because he could never balance his cash at the end of the banking day, he made up stories in order to keep his job. 

He believes that all good novels involve realistic love stories, and tries to emulate his favorite authors while telling loves stories unlike others you will read elsewhere. He stresses that all of his novels are fictional and welcomes all kinds of feedback, even the worst kind, so that he might continue to develop and grow as an author.

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