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Guest Post: Buddy Bloom Wildflower (A Tale of Struggle and Celebration) by Jerry Snider



(A Tale of Struggle and Celebration)



I heard a story about two farmers talking after a terrible storm.

“How did you do in the tornado last night?” one man asked the other.

“I lost my hen house and all of my chickens but that's okay.” his friend replied.

“You lost your hen house and all of your chickens and that's okay – how can it be okay?”

The other man smiled then said, “It's okay! Before the wind quit blowing, I had three new cows and a pick up truck.”

Sooner or later we all lose our chickens – our dreams and wishes are blown away.

So then what?

*            *            *

Buddy Bloom Wildflower, my biography in kid form, answers that question.

Buddy is a flower seed inside a package with other flower seeds. They are waiting to be planted – looking forward to fresh air, gentle rain, and sunshine to help them grow.

A terrible storm tears open the package and the seeds are scattered in all directions. Buddy is alone, scared, and uncertain what to do.

He meets George the Ant, Ken the Turtle, and Sadie the Butterfly. In time, with help from his new friends, Buddy finds his purpose.

*            *            *

I'm fast approaching my 65th birthday.

I have struggled with depression and finding my purpose as long as I can remember.

Somehow the right people – the ants, turtles and butterflies – have showed up in time to help me.

Along with the people, I have gained insight from the sport of running and the craft of writing.

The first class I took in college was Creative Writing. It was also the first class I failed. Still believing I was worthy of being called a writer, I took that same class with the same instructor again. This time I passed.

Many years and many other writing classes later – I'm still here.

A few days after that 65th birthday I mentioned, I'll be running in a marathon race. The word marathon means left foot, right foot a whole bunch of times until you've gone 26.2 miles.

Writing and running are very similar in that they require discipline if you want to improve.

Lace up your running shoes and hit the road. Show up in front of the keyboard and start hammering our your thoughts.

Buddy Bloom Wildflower (A Tale of Struggle and Celebration) is my biography. And after you read it, I'll be you'll say it's your biography as well.

In this digital age, old-fashioned storytelling seems to be a dying art. Jerry Snider keeps the tradition alive with this allegory about the trials and joys that help us grow to reach our potential.
Dave Kershner, singer, songwriter, musician

A beautifully written story with humor that children and adults will enjoy. Jerry writes about important life lessons including holding on to hope, having faith, friendship and living in the present moment. This is a wonderful book for everyone to read!” – Angie B

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