Everyday life of a bookworm 7: Restless heart

Confessions of a bookworm

Today I have restless heart. I don’t know why. I have so much to do but it’s too much of a work and I’m too lazy for it. I finished the book early in the morning and wrote review, I entered in book blog giveaways, I ironed the clothes, reorganized my closet from summer to winter, and even put my new books on shelves. But my heart is still restless. I tried to listen to music and decided for Lindsey Stirling's new album Shatter Me (oh how I adore her!!).

I think I know what’s bothering me! I have great desire to start writing a new story and share it with all of you. And then I wonder should I write it on Croatian or English, and so many more questions! I even have some ideas but I’m afraid to start with it! I have so many obligations at home, on work AND have headache every day for few days in row. I’m just too tired and don’t know how to rest. And above all of that I didn't finish my old story who is sitting there in the corner for almost one year (okay, I'm lying; it’s more than a year!). I'm afraid that I won't have enough time to write and it and will end like one more unfinished story.

I need to go on vacation so badly. Oh, and it would be great if it would be some deserted island!

I just hope someone would write me some encouraging words. I’m begging you!


  1. As far as I'm considered, you should write every time you have the desire to do so. Doesn't matter if you have one, two or ten unfinished stories, one day it will all fall into place. <3


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