Twisted (Tangled #2) by Emma Chase #review

There are two kinds of people in the world. The ones who look first, and the ones who leap. I’ve always been more of a looker. Cautious. A planner. That changed after I met Drew Evans. He was so persistent. So sure of himself – and of me.

But not all love stories end happily ever after. Did you think Drew and I were going to ride off into the sunset? Join the club. Now I have to make a choice, the most important of my life. Drew already made his –in fact, he tried to decide for the both of us. But you know that’s just not my style. So I came back to Greenville. Alone. Well, sort of alone....
What I've come to realize is that old habits die hard and sometimes you have to go back to where you began, before you can move ahead.

“I can bet that this book wouldn't be so hilarious if it was from Kate’s POV. We girls do drama, boys not.”

Remember when I said that in my review of Tangled few days ago? TWISTED picks up two years after Tangled’s end, and is told from Kate’s POV. I didn’t know that cause I didn’t read the summary on Goodreads. I just continued reading after Tangled... And then BAM! It happened. I’ll do my best to write this review spoiler free because this book is not yet out in Croatia.
“Self-doubts are like weeds; if you don't deal with them right away, they multiply. And before you know it, your garden looks like a jungle in Vietnam.”
I was right. We girls do drama. Lots of DRAMA! Certain things happen and Drew acts like total ass and that’s when all drama begins. Well it’s something we would expect from him, wouldn't we? After lots of tears Kate leaves him and gets back to her mother in home town. With all her sorrow and worries on mind Billy Warren (who is rock star now) comes to town. I’m not his team at all. Even after this book I dislike him as much as I disliked him the first time. But I love Dee Dee. Without her this book wouldn't be so hilarious. I’s not like Drew style funny but it was good enough to distract us from drama ;)
“I'm not defending him; I have no idea why he's made the choices he has. But...I can't help but feel sorry for him. Because one day he's going to open his eyes and realize that he's made the biggest mistake of his life.”
Kate grows as character but for me she also makes stupid decisions. You’ll know what I mean when you read the book. But I guess it had to be that way. On the other hand Drew is the same baby as he was. I don’t say that he didn’t grow as character as well but we all know him by now. No matter how much he grows he’ll still act like little kid. I do love him and he is great but sometimes he’s annoying, but I guess all men are ;)
“Forgiveness is selfish. We give it not because it’s earned, but because it’s what we need. To find peace. To be whole.”
In the end it all gets well. You know that there is always happy end in almost every book and this one is not exception. :)
So, I would recommend this one to everyone who read the first one, Twisted, and anyone who loves drama with hilarious moments in it. It’s not fife stars review from me this time, it’s more like four but I’m still buying it when translation comes out :)

Before this one I’ve read Holy Frigging Matrimony: A Tangled Series Short Story (Tangled #1.5) which, I guess, won’t be translated cause it is short story. It was sweet and hilarious. Here is summary from Goodreads:

What does Drew Evans have to say next? Find out in this forty page short story, filled with his sexy charm, unique advice and hilarious one-liners.
Marriage: the final frontier. Steven went first. He was kind of our test subject. Like those monkeys that NASA sent off into space in the fifties, all the while knowing they’d never make it back.
And now another poor rocket is ready to launch.
But this isn’t just any posh New York wedding. You’ve seen my friends, you’ve met our families, you know you're in for a treat. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. This one’s going to be un-frigging-forgettable.
Holy Frigging Matrimony takes place about a year after Tangled’s end and is from Drew’s POV.

“I don’t even know what to say to you.”

I squirm – just a little. “He started it.”
Her eyes narrow. “Are you serious?”
I think about it for a minute. “Kind of.”