ARC Review: Miami Hush Club by Michelle Warren @MMichelleWarren

ARC Review:
Miami Hush Club
by Michelle Warren

Michelle Warren is very dear and nice young author on the
rise. She already has several titles behind her but this is her first book that I had the opportunity to read. I noticed her in the mid of last year when I launched the blog because I only then began to actively follow other bloggers. Then she published her fourth book in the world; He + She. So far I have not read it even though I have to admit that I have ebook. Michelle attracted me one hundred percent with her mysterious Miami Hush Club. It is needless to mention that it threw me to my knees when I saw that gorgeous covers and you all know how I suffer for stunning covers and that I'm especially weak on such books. And we all know that a beautiful cover does not always mean a good book, but in this case, I take my hat off and bow down. Michelle has done a great job.

As you can see, the books have not yet come out all the way but I had the honor to receive ARCs of it from the author and I devoured them in four days. I was reading almost every spare minute I had. I couldn't write a decent review for any of them because I had to move on to next because anticipation would kill me xD

Here is a brief description of the book: 

I always believed that girls like me didn’t find happily-ever-afters.

But despite my sordid past and personal demons,

the Miami Hush Club promised to make my every fantasy a reality.

With a membership,

they could gift me my dream job,

dream car, dream house,

and the perfect life for me and my little family.

They easily sucked me into the madness and twisted me inside out,

caging me until I didn’t know right from wrong.

The steep price of entry?

My darkest secret.

There’s only one problem.

Some secrets destroy.

Some crush.

Some fragment.

Some even endanger the ones I love,

and the one man I never imagined I would.

Because some secrets, when shared, give power.

And power is a dangerous thing.

Especially when the one pulling my strings, playing god,

has the terrifying means to destroy me.

And worst of all, after I’ve given my secret away,

I find the only thing that’s left is my wrecked and tortured soul.

But guess what?

Nothing’s safe.

The club can take that too.

Are you interested now? Even though it was not too revealing, this mysterious description immediately attracts and you know that you must read this book. I'm very lucky, I got a book to review, and so went on another adventure that books provide us :)

Nic is female character who is great characterized from the beginning to the very end of the book. She struggles with her past and her personal demons. She is determined and clever, and her priority is her family. She never dreamed that in her life she could find someone special, although this is not a romance novel on which we've all accustomed, there is romance and sex in the book. So this is not a book for everyone as the author herself emphasized at the beginning of the story.

The plot revolves around her past and what consequences it has in the present and how our past interferes with each core of our existence. Of course, the past is what ultimately defined us and created the person we are today.

Although I would like to discover more, this review must remain spoiler free so I will not reveal what happens. The characters are well characterized, and the story itself is so interesting that it drew you from the first words. Admittedly, I was encased before I stepped into the story as the author tells us: “Before I started, I knew the plot points of this story, but I didn't know what the souls of these characters would be composed of. Good or bad, I let them tell me who they were as I wrote. And what I discovered was that with their imperfect lives, they preferred to be dark and twisted.” She won me immediately. Although the author is the one that controls the characters he writes about, only few of them embark on the adventure and let the characters speak for themselves and they are not modeled as characters but author treats them as real live persons.

I hope that I interested you in these books. One thing is certain and that is that I one hundred percent enjoyed every word I read and that I highly recommend these titles! From me, this is a five stars review. :)

Along the way, you can throw a look on the book blitz giveaway to celebrate the release of Miami Hush Club here on my blog :)

Michelle Warren didn't travel the road to writer immediately. She spent over a decade as professional Illustrator and designer. Her artistic creativity combined with her love of science fiction, paranormal and fantasy led her to write her first YA novel, Wander Dust. Michelle loves reading and traveling to places that inspire her to create. She lived in South Beach, Miami for six years, which inspired the Miami Hush Club, but currently resides in downtown Chicago.










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