Interview for my first blogiversary and Blog Tour Giveaway with Kerry Heavens @kerryheavens

I think we all know who is Spencer by now, if you don't, go one-click on Amazon right now, you don't want to miss this great book. You can find my review of Spencer posted on blog just few moments ago and you can enter the giveaway also.
So, I've almost screamed when Kerry agreed to do a little interview with me. I can't describe to all of you how much I love her and her books. :D
So here goes the interview...

  • When did you first know that you want to be an author?

Writing a book was always a bucket list thing for me. I've always wanted to do it. But I wasn't always writing. What I have realised now that I am writing, is that I have always had a passion for words. I remember every line that has had an impact on me in books, songs and movies. I hang on to them, think about them, imagine new scenarios involving them. Words inspire me.

  • I really enjoyed your first two books about Liv and Danny (Just Human and Still Human). How did you get the idea for these two and how long were you writing their story before you published?

What I was just saying about words having an impact is exactly the answer to this question! The song Breakeven, by The Script, has a line, 'what am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?'
That line set me thinking about what if the best thing in your life couldn't be in your life any more? What if the person you loved couldn't stay and there was nothing you could do? What if they didn't want to leave either? How would that feel? Then Danny and Liv were born.

  • What was your first thought this morning?

I checked my phone first, I always do because my alarm is on it, so it is in my hand as my eyes open. My first thought was, why do I have so many messages? It was all my friends letting me know Spencer had hit #1 in Amazon's movers and shakers while I was sleeping! Happy day!!

  • Sooo, Spencer...   Oh God, I love him. How did you come up with all sassy comments in the book?

Sass comes quite naturally to me. The sass in the book is quite a lot like me with my closest friends. I have a friendship just like the one Jazz and Mags have, so that dynamic was easy to find. And I have a friend who can just switch 'Spencer' on, so I had a lot of inspiration around me.

  • I didn't miss the part where Jazz mentions Lady's Luck in some part of the book. That got me all excited. Did you planned from the start or just come up in writing process?

Actually I finished the book and it never occurred to me. I had written the girls in a country pub for a short scene and one of my betas said I should make the pub Lady Luck's. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but I didn't want to name drop the bar, so instead I thought, well wouldn't Jazz and Mags think Danny was lovely? Hell yes!! So I approached it that way. A little gem to spot if you know Danny and the Just Human books.

  • Do you have some new ideas for your fourth book?

I'm writing a fourth book and a fifth book right now. Firstly, Will and Mags' story needs to be told. I have some nice things planned for that! I am not promising dates, but it is in the works. Then I am writing something really different for me, in another genre. We shall see where that goes.

  • And in the end few quick questions:

Best book? That's like asking me to pick a favourite child! I can't pick from inside my genre because a list of about fifty would have to share the top spot. So I'll set Romance aside and go outside the box. The Smoke Jumper by Nicholas Evans will stay with me forever.
Favourite movie? Dirty Dancing
Favourite food? Mexican
What do you think about your fans? Firstly, I think it's hilarious that you think I have fans. But lets put that aside. I think anyone who has read my books is wonderful, because they have helped make my dreams come true! Thank you to all of them. x

Oh, Kerry how can you think you don't have fans? I am one of them ;)

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“He reaches across me for a BLT and the sleeve on his suit rides up slightly. Holy sweet baby Jesus! He has tattoos around his wrist. Not a tattoo - singular, on his wrist, no. His wrist is wrapped in tattoos down to his cuff, leaving me in no doubt he is hiding a full sleeve up there. My knees actually wobble. Bloody hell, this guy is something right out of my inappropriate dreams. I need to move away now or I’ll embarrass myself...again.”