Heidi Loeb Hegerich, author of LOVE TARGET, signs agreement for screen development!!! @LoveTargetBook

Heidi Loeb Hegerich, author of LOVE TARGET, signs
 agreement for screen development

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Novel describes life as a Vegas showgirl
in the swinging 1960s

RENO, Nev. — Heidi Loeb Hegerich, who published her debut novel, LOVE TARGET, in 2014, has inked a deal with Los Angeles-based entertainment attorney and producer Brian J. Murphy to develop her story for television or the big screen.

Murphy will co-produce with film and television producer Jason Netter, founder of Kickstart Productions. Kickstart has developed, produced or co-produced numerous motion pictures and television projects including the pilot PREACHER, directed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg at AMC, based on the graphic novel by Garth Ennis. Previously, Kickstart produced such films as WANTED, starring Angelina Jolie, and SWEETWATER, which appeared at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013, as well as the live action TV series PAINKILLER JANE for Syfy Channel.

“I am thrilled at the prospect that LOVE TARGET will be adapted for the screen,” said Hegerich, of Reno — herself a former showgirl on the Las Vegas Strip in the 1960s. “There is something about the swinging 1960s that retains vast cultural appeal, as we saw with the TV series Mad Men. There is something magical about classic showgirls, as well.”

“Heidi’s unique and flamboyant story of her life as a showgirl in the heyday of Las Vegas is as intriguing and fascinating as we’ve come across in many years,” Murphy said, “We are fortunate and excited to be able to bring her story to life for everyone to enjoy.”

LOVE TARGET follows the story of Ingrid Liebschreiber — a 16-year-old immigrant homesick for her native Germany, who leaves her parents’ home in Los Angeles at the dawn of the 1960s to make her own money as a showgirl in Las Vegas, with a grand plan of returning by herself to her beloved Munich hometown.

The underage Ingrid must grow up quickly in the neon jungle, where she is pursued by an endless procession of high rollers and headliners, including Elvis Presley and Harry Belafonte.

Will Ingrid ever find true love and a sense of home? One thing is certain: Her life is never dull. She experiences the wild partying and classic hot spots of 1960s Las Vegas  — and her roller-coaster adventures have her intersecting with iconic figures, as well as the criminal underbelly of Las Vegas.
LOVE TARGET (584 pages, published by Forever Young LLC) is part fictional memoir, part historical novel — and a wild adventure with a colorful cast of high rollers, mobsters and celebrities set in an unforgettable decade. The book contains illustrations by world-class artist John Bardwell.

LOVE TARGET is available in paperback, hardback or Kindle format on Amazon.com or on www.lovetarget.com, and in addition has been published in a German version by Munich-based Hey! Publishing.