Book Spotlight: Last Sardana by Ray Harwood

With linked hands, the human circle perambulated, moving to the left in the precise step sequences that had been the format through centuries of performance.

Last Sardana begins the story of a mother, Maria Martinez, and 12-year-old son Pedro, with modest beginnings in Rosas, a Spanish Costa Brava fishing village. Set in the fifties, Maria was widowed by a tragic disaster at sea. Together they uproot south to be under the wing of her brother-in-law, who is developing an hotel on the Martinez family land.

Maria and Pedro, in their separate ways, become pivotal to that. There Pedro is exposed to the ‘University of Life’ through adolescence itself. His creative talent is encouraged and exposed, as are the challenges of a veritable fan club of contemporary girlfriends, discovering their own emotions and playing with his. Diverse characters comprising the initial hotel clientele enter his life, as do a field of sunflowers and a deaf, mute boy whose great artistic talents Peter discovers, to take into the future. Maria finds new and exciting love too...

"As a staff member of Blesma, The Limbless Veterans, the charity that is a beneficiary from the sale of Ray Harwood's books, I was very curious to start my journey with the Martinez family. I have been very fortunate to meet the author and his 'must read' book very much reflects his personality which is fun, entertaining and very likable. I look forward to continuing my journey with the next book in the series, Sardana Encore." - Barbara Warner

"Having read the first book, Last Sardana, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait to read the second book Sardana Encore and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve never read a book that played with my emotions as much as this series and following the ups and downs of the Spanish family was truly captivating." - Veronia Jean Satchell

About the Author
Ray Harwood has spent a lifetime in property development related corporate situations. Writing as a hobby fits in with photography, painting, golf and family. Ray and his wife, Dean, live in Surrey. Last Sardana and Sardana Encore are the first two books in a six-part 'Sardana Series', all written in holiday mode, and Ray intends that Blesma, The Limbless Veterans, will benefit through publications.