Blurb Reveal: Sugar Bright by Ali Dean #sugarbright #vermontersforeverseries #alideanbooks


Sugar Bright is a small town romance and the first standalone in a brand new series by Ali Dean called Vermonters Forever. It releases on May 22!

Short Blurb:
The new guy in town is the perfect man to fulfill her life plan for small-town bliss. Too bad he’s not who she thinks he is. Complete with unforgettable characters, laugh-out-loud moments, and a dash of Dean’s signature sports writing, this small-town romance delivers an uplifting vibe that will make your heart happy.

Long blurb:

Mia’s plans implode when, on their three-year anniversary, her boyfriend announces that he’s moving to the other side of the country instead of proposing like he was supposed to. She had a vision of small-town bliss that included marriage and children and now she’s fallen off her timeline. Fortunately, Mia’s friends have a tried-and-true breakup recovery process that will get her back on track. Unfortunately for Mia, training for a marathon relay is part of this process. She’s used to being the clumsy nerd amongst super athletes, but if it means the hot new guy in town is going to coach them, Mia is willing to subject herself to the torture of training.

When Jamie escapes big city corporate life to take over as the P.E. teacher in rural Vermont, he isn’t sure he’ll fit in. To his surprise, the locals welcome him with open arms, and he starts to think this might not be a temporary hiatus after all. Once he meets Mia, Jamie can even see himself in Sugarville for the long haul, with her at his side. However, Jamie is hiding a secret that not only threatens to make him an outcast in town, but will destroy any chances of a future with Mia. What happens when Mia finds out Jamie isn’t who she thinks he is?

Ali Dean